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About Osteopathy Becoming a patient

Becoming a patient

Manual Osteopathy as taught by the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques and Canadian College of Osteopathy can benefit a wide range of illnesses, disorders and physical restrictions. This is because Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine that examines the entire patient and can help with pathologies, mechanical imbalances, or simply to remove restrictions in tissue thus allowing a patient to be more mobile, healthier and better able to handle the stresses of everyday life.
Osteopathic manual practitioners can work on your bodies systems one at a time, and then integrate the changes into your entire body to allow for better health and improved energy levels.
Our graduates are trained in the application of Osteopathy to treat most pathologies. When treatment is indicated, our graduates are trained to provide safe and effective remedies. When treatment is not indicated for a condition, our graduates know when not to apply their manipulations and instead refer the patient back to their medical doctor.
Feel confident and secure that seeing one of our graduates will provide you with properly trained and tested Manual Osteopathic practitioners.